Extrusion coating

Extrusion coaters usually travel at extreme speeds. Therefore, the corona system must be very reliable and robust. Here the AFS systems show what they can do.

Unprecedentedly robust, reliable and compact

24 ceramic electrodes around a 400 mm roller: Nobody else builds Corona systems that compact. In extrusion coating, it is important to deliver enormous power at very high speeds. This requires a large number of electrodes in the smallest possible space.

Extremely easy cleaning and maintenance

The maintenance effort depends directly on the accessibility of the electrodes. If they need to be cleaned, they need quick and direct access. For this reason, AFS builds corona stations, which are characterized by a completely swivel-able electrode bar, so you are always able to reach the electrodes quickly and easily. Many customers chose AFS for this very reason.

The best electrode mountings on the market

The patented electrode mountings save money in these applications. Expensive ceramic electrodes must be specially protected at high speeds. Thicker coating spots can hit them and the brittle ceramic can break. That’s why AFS has developed electrode holders that protect the electrodes perfectly. These swing back and let the thicker sections pass easily. Immediately afterwards they swing back and just keep working. For splices from roll change, the system opens and closes briefly. For this the system needs only approx. 1 second.

Automatic power control

Alternating web speeds require regulation of generator power to deliver a constant corona dose (W min / m²) to the film. Proportional control from AFS handles this automatically for you.

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