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In research and development the requirements for generators differ from daily operation in production plants. Providing full parameter flexibility while at the same time offering a high level of reproducibility, the AFS research generator has been specially developed for the use in the laboratory.

The AFS research generator G05F has been specially developed for the use in the laboratory.

During many years of close collaboration with leading research institutes in the field of plasma Afs has developed a generator with which every parameter of a dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) can be optimally adjusted and analysed. Particular attention was paid to easy to manage interfaces to integrate modern time resolved diagnostics into the process. The generator, and thus the plasma can be triggered internally or externally according to the particular requirement of the experiment. The result is maximum control over the plasma process while maintaining complete flexibility in interaction with the sourrounding laboratory. The G05F respresents the successor of the successful generators G05S-150k, G05S-500k and G10S-V.


  • Control of the power directly by the primary voltage and applied frequency, alternatively via the measured secondary high voltage amplitude, or via the delivered power as in a normal corona process. These parameters are exactly set and regardless of change of temperature in reactor or transformer kept constant over any time period. Even sensitive test setups that can handle a few Watts or low Voltages only can be safely operated. Power range: 5 .. 500 W.
  • Analog inputs (BNC) for controlling all variables via analog voltages (0 .. 10 V).
  • Analog outputs (BNC) for recording the process variables on your own oscilloscope.
  • Active pulse function with specification of the length of pulse and pulse pause time directly set on the generators touch screen. The smallest selectable pulse length is a single sine wave.
  • Passive pulse function by an external trigger. The generator adapts its switching on and off by an external system clock.
  • In a burst mode after an internal or external trigger signal the number of sine waves is triggered from the generator after which the generator waits again for the next trigger pulse (n = 1 .. 65000).
  • Adjustable spark gap for safe operation and effective protection against overvoltage.

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