The Plasmajet® (registered AFS trademark) produces a plasma at atmospheric pressure. It is used to modify plastic surfaces, generated by high voltage from any process gas, is blown out of a nozzle and is potential-free for surface modifications.

The Plasmajet® (registered AFS trademark) produces a potential-free plasma out of a nozzle at atmospheric pressure. The desired process gas is blown through a high-voltage field, and is used to modify plastic surfaces.

The plasma activates the plastic surface, which increased its wettability. Metal surfaces can be cleaned, and it is possible to weld plastic sheets.

The system components include a plasma reactor with nozzle and a high voltage generator with transformer.

The Plasmajet® is perfectly suited for applications where geometric, three-dimensional bodies or profiles are to be coated, printed, glued or simply cleaned.

Typical application examples:

  • Treatment of EPDM profiles for the automotive industry before flocking
  • Treatment of adhesive grooves before gluing the lens of a car headlight
  • Treatment of razors and mobile phones before printing by tampon printing
  • Degreasing aluminium profiles before bonding
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