Application areas for AFS high-performance systems

AFS offers the right equipment for your application.

Corona & ALDYNE<sup>TM</sup>

Blown-film extrusion

Corona treatment provides the necessary basis for the further processing of blown-film material. AFS systems are the classic on the blown film extruder and have been covering every need for years, successfully and worldwide.

Cast-film extrusion

Not all film materials can be treated equally well, and for this reason, the corona treatment of PP is especially important. This places particularly high demands on the design of a corona treatment system for PP films.

Coating lines

Extrusion coaters operate at extreme speeds. The corona treatment system must therefore be both reliable and robust. AFS systems show their value.


Good preparation for printing and lamination ensures excellent results.


The increasing use of low-solvent and solvent-free adhesives requires a higher surface energy than in the past. Therefore, the trend towards corona treatment in-line to the laminating process is coming more and more prevalent.

Textiles and non-wovens

Textiles and non-woven materials are commonly printed, sized or impregnated. Corona treatment offers a solution to adhesion problems and against the tendency of wool to felt.


AFS pipe-treatment systems are ideal for the treatment of PE pipes, especially of jacketted pipes for district heating. For foaming the inside must be pretreated. For printing the outside must be treated.

Sheet-material treatment

Single or dual-sided treatment of particularly rigid and inflexible webs.

PlasmaJet <sup>®</sup> and PlasMatrix <sup>®</sup>

Indirect plasma surface-treatment

The PlasmaJet<sup>®</sup> systems surface-treat materials using plasma ejected out of nozzles.  This also make it possible to treat 3-dimensional objects.



In-mould labels

High throughput for perforated film

Bulk-material filling

When powdered materials are packaged, the air must be able to escape quickly from the bag.

In construction and agriculture

Perforated films have proven to be effective in preventing moisture while still allowing air circulation.

Coffee-filter perforation

The perforation process increases and specifically controls the liquid flow-rate.

Hygiene and medical products

Perforated materials are required as membranes for liquids, gases and air.


Perforated plastic film is often used for the packaging of fresh products.

Special applications

Generators for R&D

Research and development at the limits of feasibility present extreme challenges for precision and flexibility. AFS meets these demands with specially developed generators.

Solution development for new applications

Do you have an idea for a research project? Challenge us!

Surface-tension measurement

Testing inks

AFS test inks meet the standards of the DIN ISO 8296 for measurement of surface tension.

Quick-test pens

For rapid surface-tension measurement of polyethylene or polypropylene films

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