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Corona & ALDYNE

Most plastics have a non-polar, electrically well insulating and water-repellent surface. It is poorly wettable by printing inks, solvents, aqueous plastic dispersions, adhesives or adhesion promoters. This is especially true for polyethylene, polypropylene and polyester films. Printing on such plastics (films or spatial bodies) or their further processing by laminating or coating is therefore not possible. The printing inks would not adhere and delamination would occur in the production of composite films.

Corona treatment, the most commonly used form of surface treatment, is a solution to this problem. The aim of this method is to increase the polarity of the surface, which significantly improves wettability and chemical affinity.

PlasmaJet ®

The Plasmajet® (registered AFS trademark) produces a plasma at atmospheric pressure. It is used to modify plastic surfaces, generated by high voltage from any process gas, is blown out of a nozzle and is potential-free for surface modifications.

The Plasmajet® (registered AFS trademark) produces a potential-free plasma out of a nozzle at atmospheric pressure. The desired process gas is blown through a high-voltage field, and is used to modify plastic surfaces.

The plasma activates the plastic surface, which increased its wettability. Metal surfaces can be cleaned, and it is possible to weld plastic sheets.

The system components include a plasma reactor with nozzle and a high voltage generator with transformer.

The Plasmajet® is perfectly suited for applications where geometric, three-dimensional bodies or profiles are to be coated, printed, glued or simply cleaned.


Different perforation techniques find their use in many different applications.

Special Applications

In research and development, the requirements for a generator differ from the daily operation in production plants. Regulation and control require flexibility, while at the same time a higher level of reproducibility is required.

Generators for R&D

Research and development at the limits of feasibility present extreme challenges for precision and flexibility. AFS meets these demands with specially developed generators.

Solution development for new applications

Do you have an idea for a research project? Challenge us!

Surface-Tension Measurement

The surface tension is determined using various methods.

Testing inks

AFS test inks meet the standards of the DIN ISO 8296 for measurement of surface tension.

Quick-test pens

For rapid surface-tension measurement of polyethylene or polypropylene films

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