For many years, AFS has set the highest standard in generator design for the
corona treatment industry, with continual innovation, high flexibility and robust
designs. They are built to offer the highest efficiency, user-friendliness and
reliability. All generators operate with the same innovative technology, AFS has
developed and improved over many years. They operate with the highest efficiency
at the resonant frequency, ensuring the longest possible operating life and
the greatest output energy yield from the mains supply.

The new AFS M-Series generators represent the latest available technology for
high voltage generators for a power range of 6 – 144 kW (M generator).

Your advantages

  • Modular design allows previously unknown flexibility combined with high reliability
  • Failure of one module does not mean down time, just a reduced output power (based on module power)
  • The ability to combine modules makes it possible to manufacture generators with almost any output power

Intuitive operation
The proven ergonomically-designed single control knob operation has now
been combined with a touch screen, so that the new generators design allows
even simpler and more intuitive operation. The advanced software includes a
menu system and a data interface, which provides the operator with maximum
accessibility and optimal process control.

Reliable monitoring circuitry effectively protects the high quality electronics.
This ensures a long product life for AFS components as well as a maximum reliability.

Efficiency and low operating costs
Optimal operation at resonant frequency and the use of low-loss components
provides maximum efficiency and minimum heat losses well above the standard.

Optimal process integration
A variety of hardware interfaces and software solutions are available for seamless
integration in your process and production systems.

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