A plasma station gives the user the opportunity to replace the reaction atmosphere of the plasma discharge by a nitrogen atmosphere. ALDYNE ™ goes one step further and allows the use of a process gas atmosphere with a well-defined gas composition. For this purpose, an ALDYNE ™ system has another component in addition to the corona station, plasma generator and nitrogen supply: the gas mixing panel.

In the gas mixing panel of an ALDYNE ™ plant, nitrogen and noble gases are used to compose the process gas, which is injected directly into the electrode gap of the corona station. The composition of the process gas can be precisely adapted to the properties of the material to be treated. Of course, the controller also allows you to save different recipes for different materials.

In combination with the extremely high treatment performances, ALDYNE ™ offers results in technically demanding materials. It’s the less expensive alternative to wet chemical primers and a big step forward in environmental protection, process optimization, and cost reduction.

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