AFS corona generators are THE standard for foil extrusion and the packaging industry.

It is not without reason that the largest machine manufacturers opt for AFS as their standard equipment. The initial investment cost of any system is only part of the total running costs over the life time of a machine. Reliability and high efficiency results in minimum downtime and loss of production. The failure of a corona treater system can result in a total plant shutdown costing far more than the difference in price between a low quality and higher quality treatment system.


Product line Explanation
M–Series The high end of AFS generators. The AFS M-series generator represents the latest development in generator technology and is available in a power range between 6 to 144 kW. The ability to combine identical modules makes it possible to produce generators with any required output power in this range. In a multi module system, failure of any single module is automatically identified and production can continue with the faulty module automatically disconnected.
M2–Series Double generator based on the M-series. The M2 variant includes two independent inverters, allowing for individually controlled outputs sharing a common supply and housing. This design offers an alternative to having two separate generators lowering investment costs. The power range is 2 x 3 to 2 x 36 kW.
SE–Series High quality electronics in an economic simple housing. All important functions are standard with a range of options available. Power range up to 12 kW.
S–Series Comprehensive standard equipment. All possible options available. Tried and tested thousands of times. Power range from 500 W to 60 kW.
F–Series In research and development the requirements for generators differ from daily operation in production plants. Full parameter flexibility while at the same time offering a high level of reproducibility. The AFS research generator has been specially developed for use in the laboratory.
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