Mounting Rack for perforation segments

The new AFS mounting rack for changing the segments on the needle rollers.

In order to minimise the down-time between product changes, our newly developed segment changing station allows a needle roller to be fitted with needle segments for the next production while the current order is still running.

We offer an ergonomic working platform for a safe 1-man operation. This guarantees a quick and easy change of the needle segments on the needle roller. A two-handed operation ensures, in addition to the optimally selected working height, a maximum of safety for the user.

The segment changing station can either be permanently mounted or optionally equipped with rollers to allow flexible and mobile working on several perforating machines. Due to the adjustable carriages we can operate several working widths with only one segment changing station.

In order to ensure the fastest possible change-over time, it is advisable to have at least one spare needle roller available in rotation for exchanging, as the temperature of the roller must be below 60°C for safety reasons.

A hot roller should not be changed, as this can lead to material damage and/or personal injury.

In addition to the shortest possible heating times in our perforation system and the simple quick change of the needle roller, we can thus reduce set-up times to a minimum and therefore increase the productivity for your company.

The segment changing station is specially designed for the AFS segment type with a maximum of ca. 135,4 mm outer diameter over the needle tips. Special sizes can be arranged with our sales department.


  • Working width from 600 to 2000 mm (other widths on request)
  • Dimensions:
    • height: 1000 mm plus radius of the roller
    • depth: 870 mm
    • width: bis 2000 mm
  • Ergonomics:
    • height customizable
    • on wheels or fixed feet
    • safe and ergonomic 1-man-operation
  • Changeable width for variable use at varying working widths
  • For all typical AFS needle segments
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