Ozone Destruction System

The compact electrode housings of our treatment stations are used for the reliable extraction of the ozone created by the corona treatment. Exhaust monitoring is an integral part of all corona stations and ensures that a corona discharge can not be activated without suction. The ozone is extracted by a pipe work and discharged to a safe height into the external atmosphere.

To reduce the ozone load of the ambient air and comply with local environmental and health and safety regulations the extracted air can be passed directly into an ozone catalyser. Our ozone catalyser is a high performance filter unit designed specifically for ozone destruction in Corona treatment. Since ozone is extremely corrosive, all materials and seals used are corrosion resistant. The housing and all internals are made from corrosion resistant stainless steel.

For reliable treatment of the exhaust air, three filter stages are contained within the housing. A differential pressure gauge clearly indicates when a change of filter is necessary. To verify its effectiveness the ozone catalyser is also provided with connections for ozone measuring equipment.

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