The Plasmajet® (registered AFS trademark) produces a plasma without a vacuum. The plasma, generated by high voltage in combination with any process gas, is blown out of the unit, and is potential-free. It is used for surface modification.

When the plasma comes into contact with a plastic surface, the wettability is increased. Metal surfaces can effectively be cleaned, and it is also possible to weld plastic sheets.

The system comprises of a plasma reactor with nozzle, a high-voltage generator with transformer and high-voltage rectifier.


The application field for Plasmajet® is mainly where geometric, three-dimensional bodies or profiles are to be coated, printed, glued or cleaned.

Typical application examples:

  • Treatment of EPDM profiles for the automotive industry before flocking
  • Treatment of adhesive grooves before gluing the lens of car headlights
  • Treatment of razors and mobile phones before tampon printing
  • Degreasing aluminum profiles before bonding


Familiarize yourself with the Plasmajet

Product features Description
Atmospheric pressure method, no vacuum required Air as a process gas results in excellent results, large variety of gases and gas mixtures possible
Extremely low energy costs Gas consumption per nozzle: typically 5-10 sl / min, electrical output: typically 200-500W
Potential-free plasma beam Suitable for conductive and non-conductive substrates
Large power control range Intelligent inverter design allows a control range of greater than 1: 5
High process reliability The processor-controlled high-voltage generator permanently monitors all process-relevant parameters
Good integration into existing processes Bus-compatible
Very safe and clean in comparison with flame treatment
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