Test inks

Measurement of the surface tension

The adhesion of a surface is usually directly dependent on the surface energy. If the surface energy is substantially lower than that of the printing ink used, the wetting is disturbed, resulting in poor adhesion.

For this reason, plastic surfaces have to be printed. Depending on the type of ink used the surface tension required can vary:

  • solvent based inks => 38 to 42 mN/m (=Dyn/cm)
  • water soluble inks => 40 to 44 mN/m
  • UV inks => 44 to 46 mN/m

With the test inks of AFS, which are available from 34 to 56 mN/m surface tensions of plastic films can be easily and reproducibly determined according to DIN ISO 8296. Depending on whether the ink sticks or bubbles on the surface it indicated whether the surface tension is above or below the dyne-value of the currently used test ink.

We also offer the test inks in a case with 12 bottles from 34 to 56 mN/m.

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