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AFS understands your business

AFS have been producing corona treaters and perforation machines for more than 25 years. Working closely with our customers broadens our knowledge everyday. Today we build the best AFS systems ever. Benefit from our experience and our innovations.

Machines for trouble-free, round-the clock operation

AFS machines are built to last. Early warning systems and simple control concepts practically eliminate down-times. This is important, because the greatest costs do not come from the investment in the treatment system, but in any down-time in the production line caused by a defective corona treater.

Just stainless steel, aluminium and ceramic

The design and manufacturing principles at AFS eliminates the use of plastic materials in the machines. This results in extremely sturdy machines. All internal components are easily accessible, which is important for the fast adjustment of the segments and facilitates easy cleaning.

And if you ever need support...

…then our world-wide service is available at the shortest of notice. Our team will make your machines work again without any fuss. Even after many years.

Satisfaction guaranteed

AFS offers you more than the mandatory warranty of quality. Our machines are guaranteed for two full years. We are convinced of our quality.