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AFS history

Company history

More than 25 years ago AFS was founded as a private limited company by Gerhard Arlt and Dieter Frei.Focusing on the distribution of accessories and expendable items for the plastic foil industry at that time, the AFS is now a highly successful company with over 85 employees, operating worldwide.

We invite you to take a journey back in time with us.

1985 Formation

Formation of a private limited company by Dieter Frei and Gerhard Arlt. The company's name: AFS (= Arlt-Frei-Systems). Address of the company: Dieter Frei's home address.

1986 First commercial premises

Relocation into a two-room apartment in the city of Augsburg (Germany): Sales office and development workshop. This is where the first own product was produced: the high-voltage perforation detector, called the “Bag counter“.

1987 First employees

Relocation to Biburg, a suburb to the west of Augsburg. Three office rooms and a mechanical workshop shop in a former triple garage are the new residence of the upcoming company. Along with the first employees, the first AFS corona treatment station and the world's first microprocessor-controlled corona generator are developed.

1989 Production expansion

Purchase of the first new building in Neusäß (also in the west of Augsburg). This is where the thousand-fold tried and tested SD generators are manufactured and several hundred AVB 100Cs are built. The down side of this success: After only two years, the building proves to be too small. A new building is planned. The number of employees has increased to 26.

1993 New production facilities

Move into the second new building, this time only a few steps away. On an area of 2200 square metres, about 150 corona stations and perforation machines are built every year.

1996 Changes

Dieter Frei leaves the company for health reasons. Gerhard Arlt takes over his shares.

2004 New building in Horgau

The mechanical production and its design department move into a newly built hall in Horgau.

2005-2006 Step-by-step relocation

Despatch department, parts store, electronics production facility and the development department gradually move into another new hall in Horgau.

2008 New headquarters in Horgau

Purchasing department and administration move into a new office building, the location in Neusäß is abandoned.
With more than 60 employees, the AFS manufactures around 300 corona treatment systems every year.