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Plasma – Corona – Perforation

The areas of application of our systems: improvement of adhesion for printing inks and adhesives on plastics by means of plasma and corona treatment as well as the production of breathable films by needle perforation, hot or cold.

Our claim: premium systems for smooth continuous operation with worldwide service.

Corona systems

One to four sided treatment stations, specialised for the application on your production line.

One of a kind features make the daily work easy with the system, downtimes for maintenance and cleaning are reduced to a minimum


Special application require a higher surface tension than can be achieved with corona. Sometimes even an adaption of the surface chemistry to the coating material is necessary. The approriate surface functionalisation is provided by ALDYNE<sup>TM</sup>.


Unrivalled low running costs over the full product life have resulted in AFS high voltage generators becoming the equipment of choice of the biggest OEM machine producers.

PlasmaJet® technology


Cold plasma for the activation of plastic surfaces on webs and 3D-bodies.

Ozone catalyser

The corona process produces ozone. An AFS ozone catalyser helps minimise the environmental impact of ozone.


cold needle

The needles create funnel shaped holes. This causes for example, in paper increased water permeability, and in PE films air permeability. No material is removed, therefore the holes may partially close again when pressure is applied to the web.

hot needle

For thermoplastic films, for example PP, with hot needle perforation no reduction in tear strength.

Mounting Rack for changing segments of the needle roller

We offer an ergonomic working platform for a safe 1-man operation to guarantee an easy change of the needle segments on the needle roller of a perforation system.

Accessories and measurment equipment

Test inks

AFS test inks meet the standards of the DIN ISO 8296 for measurement of surface tension.

Quick test pens

For rapid surface-tension measurement of polyethylene or polypropylene films

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