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AFS corona generators are THE standard for foil extrusion and the packaging industry.

S-Series AFS Generator

They stand for continual innovation, high flexibility and robust designs. They are built to offer the
highest efficiency, user-friendliness and reliability. All generators operate with the same innovative
technology, AFS has developed and improved over many years. They operate with the highest
efficiency at the resonant frequency, ensuring the longest possible operating life and the greatest
output energy yield from the mains supply.

High-quality and scalable power supplies

The use of the established AFS generators is not limited to surface modification of moving webs, the
so-called Corona treatment. They are well suited for the general operation of plasma processes. AFS
has specialized on high-quality and scalable power supplies for DBD (Dielectric Barrier Discharges)
and gliding arcs for various applications, amongst them in plasma chemistry.

Generators with intuitive operation

AFS generator control unit with screen

Multifunction control knob for intuitive operation


Status lamps with good visibility

 Intuitive buttons for START and STOP

Features of all generators

All power supplies from AFS come with

Intuitive operation

The proven ergonomically-designed single control knob operation has now been combined with a touch screen, so that the new generators design allows even simpler and more intuitive operation. The advanced software includes a menu system and a data interface, which provides the operator with maximum accessibility and optimal process control.


Reliable monitoring circuitry effectively protects the high quality electronics. This ensures a long product life for AFS components as well as a maximum reliability. The integrated flash over detection protects your plasma reactor efficiently.

Efficiency and low operating costs

Optimal operation at resonant frequency and the use of low-loss components provides maximum efficiency and minimum heat losses well above the standard. To be prepared for challenging ambience conditions, water cooling is available as an option. The standard uses air cooling up to maximum power.

Optimal process integration

A variety of hardware interfaces and software solutions are available for seamless integration in your process and production systems.

Product lines overview

The product lines are:

AFS Generator M Series


The high end of AFS generators. The AFS M-series generator represents the latest development in generator technology and is available in a power range between 6 to 144 kW. The ability to combine identical modules makes it possible to produce generators with any required output power in this range. In a multi module system, failure of any single module is automatically identified and production can continue with the faulty module automatically disconnected.

SE Series Generator


High quality electronics in an economic simple housing. All important functions are standard with a range of options available. Power range up to 12 kW.

AFS Generator M Series


Double generator based on the M-series. The M2 variant includes two independent inverters, allowing for individually controlled outputs sharing a common supply and housing. This design offers an alternative to having two separate generators lowering investment costs. The power range is 2 x 3 to 2 x 36 kW.

S-Series AFS Generator


Comprehensive standard equipment. All possible options available. Tried and tested thousands of times. Power range from 500 W to 60 kW.


The AFS P-Generator was developed especially to power gliding arc discharges. It facilitates a reproducible and controlled operation of pulsed plasma without a dielectric barrier. This power supplies is famous from use together with the PlasmaJet®.


In research and development the requirements for generators differ from daily operation in production plants. Full parameter flexibility while at the same time offering a high level of reproducibility. The AFS research generator has been specially developed for use in the laboratory.

Special Applications and Research

Special Applications and Research

In research and development the requirements for generators differ from daily operation in production plants. Providing full parameter flexibility while at the same time offering a high level of reproducibility, the AFS research generator has been specially  developed for the use in the laboratory.

During many years of close collaboration with leading research institutes in the field of plasma AFS
has developed a power supply, the research  generator G05F, with which every parameter of a
dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) can be optimally adjusted and analysed. Particular attention was paid to easy to manage interfaces to integrate modern time resolved diagnostics into the process. The generator, and thus the plasma can be triggered internally or externally according to the particular requirement of the experiment. 

The result is maximum control over the plasma process while maintaining complete flexibility in interaction with the surrounding laboratory. The G05F represents the successor of the successful generators G05S-150k, G05S-500k and G10S-V. As soon as a plasma process is successfully developed and tested and thus ready for subsequent scale up in industry, AFS has the exactly fitting instruments. 

The proven power supplies from Corona treatment provide the perfect means for such industrialisation. Any parameter or mode of operation, that is feasible using the G05F, is realizable using the standard portfolio of AFS power supplies, respectively Generators. Do you have a special project in mind? Contact us! With our decades of experience in scale up of plasma processes, we are happy to assist you with the implementation. 

Characteristics of the power supply G05F

Characteristics of the power supply G05F

AFS Generator G05F

Multifunction rotary control knob

TFT Touch Screen for intuitive control

BNC-In- and Output for synchronisation of diagnotics

Emergency STOP button for fast and safe turn off.

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