Aldyne AFS Perfect replacement for primer


Plasma Surface Modification

Plasma Surface Modification
AFS is reliable. Always.

The perfect replacement for primer.

Surface treatment with wet chemical primers belong in the past. With AFS ALDYNE™ the same results
can be achieved, saving costs, effort and time. Environmentally unfriendly wet chemical waste, and energy intensive drying processes can be  precluded.

ALDYNE™is prepared for new market developments and is constantly being developed further by our R&D department. Adhesion can be achieved with ALDYNE™ on sensitive materials without damaging the surface. This surface modification in the nanometre range leaves optical characteristics of products unchanged.

Product Features

Plasma treatment in process gas atmospheres

With precisely controlled process gas mixtures. Direct injection of the gas mixture through the electrodes ensures homogeneous gas distribution in the plasma discharge. In additionto the over pressure of the process gas, the patented labyrinth system at the web inlet and outlet provides sealing of the process chamber against ambient air.


Safety first. The SOFTAL system deactivates the plasma discharge and gas supply should a system error occur.

Independent cooling

of the treatment roller and electrodes for high power ensure no adverse thermal effect on the substrate. The special coolant used for our patented plasma electrodes is provided from a separate cooling unit.

Technical features

Technical data

Attribute Details
Electrode types (alternativ) Ceramic or Metal
Carrier gas Nitrogen
Number of process gases max. 2
Treatment roller Diameter 400 mm,
CERAL™-P coated,
water cooled.t
Process speed max. 400 m / min (higher on request)

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