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Innovative surface treatment and modification

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The PlasmaJet ®

An innovative process for the treatment and modification of surfaces.

The Plasmajet® (registered AFS trademark) produces a plasma without a vacuum. The plasma, generated by high voltage in combination with any process gas, is blown out of the unit, and is potential-free. It is used for surface modification.

 When the plasma comes into contact with a plastic surface, the wettability is increased. Metal surfaces can effectively be cleaned, and it is also possible to weld plastic sheets.

The system comprises of a plasma reactor with nozzle, a high-voltage generator with transformer and high-voltage rectifier.

Advantages of this process

AFS PlasmaJet EN

What is Plasma?

Plasma is an electrically conductive gas consisting of positive and negative ions, electrons, excited and neutral atoms and molecules. In physics, it is often referred to as the 4th state of matter. Plasma is not stable and requires a permanent supply of energy. 

Air is the preferred process gas. For special applications, other gases and mixtures can be used without any problems, presume they are not flammable or even explosive. The process gases ionize and dissociate due to the energy of the plasma arc. By recombining the atoms and molecules outside the generation system (plasma nozzle), the absorbed energy is released abruptly. This reinforces the physical and chemical effect of the plasma beam on the surface. The result of the effect is, for example, chemical changes on the surface of polymers due to the incorporation of oxygen. Cleaning effects are achieved by removing volatile components. Functional Nano layers are formed when appropriate process gases are used. 

PlasmaJet® function

A PlasmaJet® system always consists of a high-voltage generator and a plasma nozzle. Inside the plasma nozzle, the plasma is generated by a high-voltage discharge between two electrodes. The process gas flows around the electrodes, where it becomes plasma and due to its flow exits through a nozzle to the outside. This is referred as remote plasma and the low-cost process gas is air.

Excellent treatment results can already be achieved with this. By selecting the right outlet nozzle, it is also possible to treat workpiece geometries which are difficult to access. The low weight of the plasma nozzle and the flexible gas and energy supply make the PlasmaJet® universally applicable.


AFS Generators: Unprecedented power output

The generators, especially developed for PlasmaJet® applications, enable unprecedented power output. For surface treatment, 500 W per nozzle is sufficient. For welding and cleaning, a maximum of  1000 W per nozzle power is required. 

PlasmaJet Generator G12P

Generator in 1/2 19″ housing for one nozzle with max. 1000 W effective power output 


Generator in 1/2 19″ housing for two nozzles with a max. effective power of 1200 W

Generator for one nozzle with max. 500 W effective power output for multi-nozzle applications (exclusively for control cabinet installation)

Features of all generators

Features G10/G12P


Features AFS PlasmaJet ®


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